Ugh Snow



I hate when the late fall season comes around.  The weather becomes different and the leaves change their color. The leaves do look beautiful, but knowing that winter is shortly around the corner is a terrible thought.

Pretty soon we’ll be changing the clocks again, which always mean it’s almost time for the snow and gloomy weather that I hate.  I recently was told that we were supposedly getting some snow this weekend.  If that happens I might cry.

Winter is by far the worst season possibly known to man.  I hate snow, I hate the cold and I just hate pretty much everything about winter in general. This is the season where the most signs of depression hit.  That fact shows that I’m not the only one who hates it.

When the first snowfall occurs, I’ll probably be angry, but what else could I expect? A sunny day? I only wish. I already miss summer and the warm temperatures, the smell of fresh rain and lying on a raft in my pool. Just thinking about summer makes me sad.

A really big thing that bothers me in the winter is that when you have to work in the morning, especially early in the morning, there’s a ton of ice on your windshield. It takes about ten to fifteen minutes to get the layers of ice off the car with a scraper.  On the other side, you are freezing to death doing so with numb fingers while cussing at your car.  I do not look forward to this.  I hate waiting for my car to defrost.  I like to take my time in the morning. I don’t want to worry about my car and if it’s drivable or not.

Another negative about winter is the fact that my car alone isn’t a winter car. I have a Mustang convertible.  My car is rear wheel drive and even though the tread in the back tires is great, I still have no control of it.  It is a bear to drive in the winter and I’m thankful I have more than one car in my household to share during the snowy days.

Snow is just a terrible thing to me. I know many people enjoy this dreadful season, but why? Yes, you can snowboard and go sledding, but is it really all that worth it when you have wet clothes and frostbite after doing so?

I’ve heard that snow is also referred to as “white poop.” I completely agree, it really is crappy and disgusting.  I don’t see how anyone can stand it.

Maybe it’s because everyone is used to it.  Living in Ohio, you pretty much expect snowfall every year.  It’s a guarantee.  I feel like the old retired people. I want to get out during the winters and come back in the summer.  That sounds like a plan to me.

Snow is not fun at all. Slipping all over the ice isn’t fun. Getting electric shocks when you touch something metal after having tons of static cling isn’t fun. Almost getting into a car accident because the roads aren’t paved isn’t fun.  Fun isn’t the word for this stuff. It’s impossible to say so.

I wish snow didn’t exist really. If I could move anywhere that it didn’t snow, I’d be a happy camper.  That’s how much I truly hate it.  I keep going on and on about how much it disgusts me, but I can’t help it, I dread this season every year.

It not only is my most hated season, but it’s also the longest season we have.  It begins early every year and ends late every year.  We Ohioans can never get a break. Every Groundhog’s Day I wonder if that stupid thing will ever predict a shorter winter, but even when it does, it lies to us. We always get screwed with six more weeks of winter no matter what it says.

I already heard it’s snowing in other states now. That is just terrible and I have pity for those who live there. I believe it will snow here soon as well, and I hate that fact. It snowed in April one year, which shocked us all. All I can do is just sigh.

On a completely different level, I have only one positive note about snow that is very brief and short and contains two different things: snow days and Christmas. That is all.


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